December 29, 2009 03:56 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Rhonda Estes is raising money for the Madison County Animal Shelter in Indiana by staying put for a month. So far she’s raised $22, 500 in 20 days, by eating and sleeping at the shelter where she works.–Chicago Tribune

Two New Jersey state senators are proposing a new bill that would subject dog-fighters to the same anti-racketeering laws that are used to prosecute mobsters. Oregon, Utah and Virginia have similar laws.–

The first black bear hunt held in Kentucky in more than 100 years was not as successful as hunters had hoped: zero of the animals were shot due to snow conditions.–L.A.Times

Pedigree horses who no longer race are being sold to illegal slaughter farms concentrated in Miami-Dade area, where officials say they are mistreated and die horrific deaths.–

A 2-month plan to capture 2,500 wild horses in Nevada began on Monday. The Bureau of Land Management used helicopters to move the animals into corrals, which horse defenders say are inhumane and could potentially cause injury. Federal officials plan to adopt the animals out or place them in holding facilities in the Midwest. –Associated Press

The birthplace of Animal Farm author George Orwell was turning into an animal farm of sorts, a house that gave shelter to many stray animals. Now local authorities are renovating the home in eastern India, where the author was born in 1903, and turning it into a museum.–

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