These stories are worth a click

By People Staff
Updated May 04, 2012 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

One-year-old Jack Baltzor inadvertently attracted the attention of a hungry lioness when he visited her enclosure at the Oregon Zoo sporting a black-and-white striped onesie. “He was quite a hit. She must have thought he looked pretty tasty that day,” said Jack’s mom, Heather. –Huffington Post

President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is trying to secure the vote of pet lovers using a new series of ads that bear the face of First Dog Bo and read, “Bark for Barack.” –

A Washington state prison program, known as Cuddly Catz, has found two cats a home with inmates at the Larch Correctional Facility. “Nobody was wanting to adopt her,” inmate Joey Contreras said of his adoptee, an aggressive cat named Natalie. “We got her and it’s been awesome ever since.” –AP

Following the announcement that HBO lost $35 million canceling Luck, PETA has filed new complaints against the show for mistreatment of its horses, alleging that an American Humane Society whistleblower revealed that horses were underfed and sometimes tranquilized to keep them docile. –New York Daily News

A U.S. solider has died of rabies after receiving a dog bite in Afghanistan almost a year ago. The rabies-related death is the first for a U.S. service member since 1974. –Fox News