These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Hugh Hefner’s dog Charlie was at his side when he tied the knot with Crystal Harris on New Year’s Eve. The couple’s wedding comes a year after their previous engagement, when Harris abruptly called the union off days before the ceremony. –PEOPLE

A one-eyed cat named Popeye is lending a paw during his stay at an Indianapolis animal shelter. As the shelter completes spaying and neutering the strays it takes in, to reduce overpopulation, Popeye cuddles them to aid in the healing process. –New York Daily News

A California man was swept out to sea after he followed his dog into the water. A rogue wave swept the dog away while he and his wife were walking the pet along the beach in Point Reyes. Though the woman and the dog made it back to shore, the man drowned. –San Francisco Chronicle

Is your pet the next Grumpy Cat? For animal owners looking to turn their furbaby into the next Internet sensation, Business Insider suggests filming everything they do from a young age, and giving them a name that’s sure to be remembered. Click to read more tips: –