These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Engineers have developed a scientific formula to determine exactly how cats drink, capturing a lapping method too fast for the human eye to see. The answer: very elegantly, and not at all the way you might expect. –New York Times

Roby Burch – the suburban cowboy who rode his horse, Jet, to and from Lower Meriona, Pa.’s Haverford School every day – has hung up his spurs. Burch and his big white Perchon became stars after their daily, four-mile trek became national news. But backlash, an injured hoof and a “neigh” vote from the school’s board of trustees forced the boy out of his saddle for good. –

Vaik, a 9-year-old German shepherd and 8-year veteran of the Marlboro, N.J., Police Department’s K-9 unit was retired after being diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, a progressive spinal cord disorder that has left him unable to walk on his hind legs. He received a parting gift: a specially crafted wheelchair to keep him mobile despite his disability. –Asbury Park Press

Vladimir, a 16-year-old snow leopard at Lansing, Mich.’s Potter Park Zoo, has been euthanized. The big cat was put down on Tuesday after he did not respond to treatment intended to offset his declining health. Vladimir lived past the average age of snow leopards in the wild, which is 12 years, and surpassed the life expectancy of 15 years typically seen in zoos. –Lansing State Journal

A dog’s barking saved a sleeping New Jersey family after a stovetop fire filled their house with toxic fumes and their smoke detectors failed. The DeStefanis were dog-sitting Bandit, a friend’s Pomeranian-poodle mix, and went to sleep after forgetting about a plastic hair brush being sterilized on the stove. –Atlantic City Press