May 04, 2011 02:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

After devastating tornados left dogs in Alabama homeless, a shelter in Maine has decided to take 50 dogs from Alabama and put them up for adoption. –AP

In a real-life version of the Facebook game Farmville, Web users will take over a working farm in the U.K. today to decide what the farm will grow and which animals to buy. The project is intended to reconnect people “to where their food comes from.” –The Guardian

After a goose was hit by a car in China, a dog rescued the bird, and they’ve now become pals. “They eat from the same bowl and even share the dog’s kennel,” the dog’s owner said. –Orange UK

Small farmers are turning back to oxen and horses to do the work of tractors. They’re cheaper to care for and easier on the land. –New York Times

After her dog fell into a manure basin, a woman in Sweden jumped in to try and save it. They both died in the accident. –The Local

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