These stories are worth a click:

By People Staff
Updated August 06, 2010 03:29 PM

These stories are worth a click:

The parasailing donkey who flew threw the air for a Russian publicity stunt that outraged animal lovers everywhere, has been adopted by Britain’s The Sun newspaper. The tabloid vows to find the 17-year-old animal a good permanent home.– Yahoo News

A new restaurant for dogs has opened in Sydney, Australia. Chew Chew’s owner and chef Naoko Okamoto created a specialty menu for pets (both dogs and cats) that features organic ingredients. Owners are welcome to join their dogs as they eat and bring their own takeout meals.–Daily Telegraph

The lives of hundreds of dogs and circus animals hung in the balance Thursday as wildfires threatened to burn down an animal shelter where some 1,800 of them live. “With the speed of fire, we don’t know if we can save them all,” the director of the shelter situated just east of Moscow said.–AP via Google

A new U.K. study conducted by the Kennel Club shows that one in five dog owners are too lazy to take their pooch out for a walk, therefore some 2 million dogs are not getting enough exercise. The study, which polled 1,000 dog owners, also revealed that one in three dog owners are overweight.–Daily Mail

Rachel and Ryan Rettaliata are mourning the loss of their Syberian Husky, Bear-Bear, who was shot to death by an off-duty federal police officer at a private dog park in Anne Arundel County, Md., on Monday night. The officer told investigators that the dog had attacked his leashed German shepherd. County leaders are calling for a full investigation of the incident.–