February 29, 2012 05:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Grave-digging badgers in the English town of Swindon have been causing distress among the residents, but the town council is powerless to remove the animals. When human remains are found above ground, the cemetery re-inters them “as close to their original graves as possible.” –BBC News

While America’s most popular dog breed may be the Labrador retriever, New York City’s favorite dog breed is the diminutive Yorkshire terrier. Still, the Lab follows right behind at No. 2. –NYPOST.com

A bizarre animal that appears to be a dog-pig hybrid has been frightening residents in a Namibian village. The creature has been spotted chasing after dogs and goats. –LiveScience

Custody cases involving animals are on the rise, according to new survey data. While pets are considered property in every state, people – and judges – are viewing them more like children. –AP

Washington, D.C.’s Historic Congressional Cemetery is the final resting place for many dignitaries, but it’s also a lively spot for a group of dogwalkers and their canines. The dog owners even help contribute to the upkeep of the cemetery. –Roll Call

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