The Water Bowl: Goose Shot 7 Times Gets Named 50 Cent

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A goose named 50 Cent is now on the mend and looking for a new home. The injured bird was brought into an Arkansas animal hospital after being shot seven times by a pellet gun, leading to its hip-hop inspired moniker after the rapper who survived his own shooting. –AP

Ohio police officers are looking for the person that broke into President Warren G. Harding’s home and stole the dog collar belonging to his Airedale terrier, Laddie Boy. “I would say whoever stole it had been in there before, knew what it was and where it was and went in to get that and only that,” said Marion Police Lt. Mark Beaschler. –Columbus Dispatch

While hosting a fashion-oriented fundraising event for President Barack Obama, Vogue editor Anna Wintour revealed she had convinced designers Marc Jacobs and Thakoon to create pet gear as part of the Bark for Obama initiative. –

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo released photos of a pair of fishing cat kittens that were born on May 18. The birth of the kittens is a notable positive for the breed, which has a small captive population with few members that are reproductively viable. –Huffington Post

A tiny kitten stopped traffic in Arizona while trying to cross a freeway. Concerned drivers helped prevent the cat from getting injured before Department of Public Safety officers arrived to rescue the lost feline, believed to have been let go by an owner who could no longer take care of it. –New York Post

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