These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Meet Dennis Tyler, a Florida dog owner who has found more than 7,400 retired greyhounds homes through his nonprofit organization. After taking home a former racing greyhound of his own in 1991, he learned of the dangers the breed faces and decided to take action. –PEOPLE

In a turnaround that plays out like a small-screen drama, Alphie, a cat from Sheffield, England, has made a full recovery since swallowing a TV antenna. The aerial was stuck inside the feline’s stomach and esophagus. –BBC News

She’s a hero! A service dog trained to detect low blood sugar in people who have diabetes saved her owner’s life. “She kept persisting and finally ended up lying on top of me and licking my face to wake me up so I could get something to eat and bring my blood sugar up,” the Waterloo, Ind., man recalls. –CBS News

Dog owners, be warned: both Del Monte and Nestle Purina PetCare are taking chicken jerky treats off shelves after the New York State Department of Agriculture found possible contamination by an antibiotic illegal in the United States. The treats, made in China, have caused kidney failure, illness and death, some pet owners allege. –ABC News