The Water Bowl: Florida Dogs Take Bus to Camp! Plus, Where Is the Puppy-Throwing Girl?

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Let’s get on the bus to camp! For dogs? Miami-area pooches get to go to a day camp, where they get to run around, swim in a bone-shaped pool and travel by school bus. –AP

First a cat gets put into a trash can, now puppies get thrown into the river. Another video has hit the Internet showing a case of possible animal abuse, in which a girl takes six puppies from a bucket and tosses them into a river. PETA has offered a reward for information. –

How smart is a raven? In the eyes of one bird trainer, very. She hopes to help teach the birds to rescue lost hikers from places like the Grand Canyon. –NPR

Dolphin activist Ric O’Barry had planned to go back to Taiji, a Japanese village that stages a dolphin slaughter each year, but had to cancel his trip because of potential threats to his safety. –AP

A 100-lb. cougar was shot and killed after it spent an hour in the early morning jumping through backyards in Berkeley, Calif. Three officers shot the animal with rifles and a shotgun. –San Francisco Chronicle

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