July 23, 2010 02:57 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Massachusetts fishermen recently caught a mutant lobster, one whose claw has a triple pincher. Abnormalities in crustaceans have risen due to pollution in the ocean. –Digital Journal

South African officials are investigating witness claims that the whale that crashed into a yacht was being harassed. Employees of a whale-watching company said that they witnessed the yacht coming straight at the whale and “annoying” it. –Independent Online

Dear Kitty … A man who had previously been ordered not to contact his estranged wife is in trouble after being accused of sending letter’s to her cat. The man has been accused of domestic violence and prosecutors say the letters asked her not to testify against him. –Unleashed

A dead jellyfish that washed onto a New Hampshire beach stung 150 people, five of whom ended up in the hospital. Most of the children were treated with vinegar and baking soda. –Boston Globe

Twelve cows headed for the slaughterhouse made a jailbreak when the truck transporting them overturned. All the cows will be euthanized when captured. –AP

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