The Water Bowl: Dumpling Squids Mate for Hours

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

The intense mating methods of the dumpling squid can last up to three hours, and all that exertion inhibits its ability to swim long distances. Australian researchers found that after mating, squids could only swim half as far as they were able to on days they didn’t mate, meaning reproduction could lead to negative consequences for the species if it needs to travel farther distances to find food. –Los Angeles Times

Certain British police dogs will now be equipped with “FidoCam,” a video camera strapped to their heads that sends a direct feed back to their handlers of what the dogs are seeing. “When searching for a dangerous person, we can send the dog into a building with the camera to search for them,” said Insp. Chris Dawson, of Staffordshire Police’s Dog Support Unit. “When they indicate a find by barking, we will be able to see exactly what or who they have found.” –CNN

After surviving two days in the Florida Everglades, Sam the cat is being reunited with his family. The cat was thrown from the car during an accident, and its passengers were rushed to the hospital before getting a chance to search for their missing pet. But two days later, an animal rescuer went back to the scene of the accident and discovered Sam hiding nearby. –Sacramento Bee

The owner of two dogs that escaped onto a Hastings, England, street and injured eight people has been arrested. Three people received serious bites and scratches, while five more sustained minor injuries. –The Guardian

The World Wildlife Federation has named Vietnam, Laos and Mozambique as the three countries who do the least to police the illegal trading of animal parts. “Last year had the largest number of elephants poached in Africa on record,” said Wendy Elliott, WWF Global Species programme manager. “Poor performances by key countries are threatening the survival of wild rhinos, tigers and elephants.” –Reuters

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