These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Leprosy has been popping up across the South, and scientists have tracked down the cause to armadillos. Among the patients who were treated for leprosy, several had contact with armadillos. –AP

A new life form has been discovered … at a “filthy” truck stop in South Africa. It was a new species of Mantophasmatode, a wingless creature that looks a little like a cricket. –Scientific American

A 19-year-old Michigan college student ran over a group of ducklings in a McDonald’s parking lot while driving his Hummer. His lawyer says he was trying to help the birds, while police say he ran them over on purpose. –Detroit Free Press

Two golden retrievers in Oregon got caught in a landslide, went down 175 feet to the bottom of an embankment – and survived. –

No Dogs Allowed, the sign says, and so the pups must wait outside the door of the Ninth Street Espresso Café. –Flickr