April 03, 2012 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Dolphins in Shark Bay, Australia, have been discovered to abide by a new social structure previously unexplored in mammals, in which the males form long-lasting relationships, even with members not of their immediate community, to target females. The behavior has been compared to that of the Mafia. –Huffington Post

After being found frozen to a driveway in February, the plight of a Canadian kitty has attracted the attention of fans and celebrities alike, including the rock band for which he is named, Trooper. The group recently sent a care package to the cat, who lost a hind leg and his tail because of frostbite, and fans from his Facebook page have donated almost $12,000 to pay for medical bills. –The Toronto Sun

Florida resident Craig Grant is asking he be allowed to upgrade his animal sanctuary so that his 691 cats can be returned to him. The animals were taken away when Grant was charged with animal cruelty. –The Florida Times-Union

A Canadian man who stole a woman’s bulldog and held it for ransom has been sentenced to 3½ years in prison. Johnny Lee Jordan was charged with theft and extortion after attempting to elicit prescription drugs and cash from the bulldog’s owner. –TDN.com

The death of three horses on HBO’s Luck caused public outrage, and led the show to halt production. But Hollywood has a long history of mistreating animals, with 100 horses dying during the filming of 1926’s Ben Hur. –Salon.com

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