December 22, 2009 04:18 PM

These stories are worth a click:

The two Nebraska pugs that fed on their owner’s body after he’d committed suicide have now found a new home with an Indiana couple. –AP via Google

A 2-month-old baby king penguin did a little dance at the Edinburgh Zoo, who said the bird’s arrival was a “total surprise.” –Times Online

Sabi, the Australian bomb-sniffing dog that returned after being missing for 14 months, had actually been in the hands of a minor Taliban leader. American and Australian forces had to negotiate for the dog’s safe return. –Daily Mail

An Army specialist entered a contest to debunk the crazy cat lady stereotype and won $5,000. –AP via ABC News

Nearly all the Dalmatians on tour with the 101 Dalmatians Musical are rescues who now get to travel the country in a “rolling doggy palace.” –

Basketball star Yao Ming has spoken out against the consumption of shark fin soup, urging China to stop eating the delicacy in order to preserve the species. –AFP via Google

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