The Water Bowl: Dog Walks on Two Legs Like a Diva! Plus, Why Does the Internet Love Cats?

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A miniature pinscher named Lu Lu has gone diva. The 1-year-old dog walks around her Chinese city of Zhumadian on her hind legs, carrying a pooch-sized purse. –

The technology and web gurus at Mashable have attempted to try to solve the riddle of the Internet: Why are cats so popular? “Cats are awesome and enigmatic,” goes one theory. –ABC News

When a Florida Social Security office reported a suspicious package outside its facility, a bomb squad arrived. What they found inside the box were two kittens, one of whom ran away from the scene. –NBC Miami

Using a lawn tractor and bolt cutters, a 73-year-old Oklahoma man tried to bust his poodle out of the pound. The man ended up in jail himself after being arrested for burglary and trespassing. While he was in jail, his dog was put back in the pound and euthanized.–

The U.K.’s largest animal is believed to have been killed, legally, by a licensed hunter. The giant red stag, called “Exmoor Emporer,” was almost 9 feet tall. –Huffington Post

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