The Water Bowl: Dog Survives After Eating 30 Nails! Plus, World's Longest Snake Dies

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A Basset hound in Colorado survived after eating more than two dozen nails from her family’s backyard. An X-ray revealed that Sophie – who followed her housemate, a black Lab, around as the other dog dug up metal objects – had ingested 31 of them, as well as siding off the side of the house and her rabies tags. –KABC-TV

Fluffy, the world’s longest snake, died Tuesday night at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, apparently of a tumor. The 18-year-old, 300-lb. reticulated python was 24 feet long and held the Guinness World Records title. She will be cremated.–Columbus Dispatch

A new species of monkeys has been discovered in the jungles of Myanmar. The animals, dubbed Rhinopithecus strykeri, have a nose so upturned that they sneeze audibly when it rains. The sound also helps hunters track the monkeys down.–National Geographic

Bees can solve complex mathematical problems that keep computers busy for days, recent research has shown. After exploring the location of the flowers, the insects learn to fly the shortest route between flowers, thus saving time and energy and effectively solving the “travelling salesman problem,” say scientists at the University of London. –The Guardian

A couple in Georgia woke up one morning to a buffalo wading in their backyard swimming pool. The rogue animal was one of three that had escaped from a neighbor’s home several weeks ago. Chris Nonnemaker and his wife filmed the buffalo as it waded in the water. It was eventually fished out and returned to its owner, who later killed it.–Huffington Post

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