These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A Brooklyn, N.Y., teenager has been arrested on charges of throwing his pit bull mix off the roof of his housing complex, while the dog named Oreo is recovering from the six-story fall. The pup suffered shattered legs, internal bleeding and bruised lungs. Since the New York Daily News reported the story, a slew of dog lovers have inquired about adopting her.–New York Daily News

A foot-long baby crocodile caused panic on an EgyptAir flight when it somehow escaped from a passenger’s bag and made its way underneath seats and down the aisle.–

When a Chihuahua accidentally choked itself with a leash at a birthday party last week, Krisna Torres performed mouth to snout resuscitation and saved the dog’s life.–L.A. Times, L.A. Unleashed

North Carolina firefighter Jeff Clark rescued a dog from a home engulfed in flames in 1999 and now the hero has done it again: He and a fellow firefighter rescued nine puppies from another burning building last week.–CBS News

A North Carolina family is fighting to keep their potbellied pig Loopey. They say the pet is therapeutic for their autistic son.–