February 05, 2010 03:36 PM

These stories are worth a click:

The dog who was rescued in late January 75 miles offshore on an ice floe in the Baltic sea has been adopted by Adam Buczynski, the man who helped rescue him. It’s still unclear how the canine, who has been renamed Baltic, ended up on the block of ice. –AP via MSNBC.com

The Humane Society’s Coats for Cubs program is asking for donations of old fur coats, which are used to keep orphaned animals (like these adorable bunnies above!) warm. –Christian Science Monitor

In the new issue of Tails magazine, TV journalist Lisa Ling says that in her 20 years of investigative reporting, a special she did for Oprah Winfrey on puppy mills in 2006 received the biggest reaction from viewers – and she admits that she cried for two days after finishing the report. –TailsInc.com

Fashion designer Stella McCartney’s new spring-summer ad campaign features an image of her family’s Dalmatian, which was taken by her mother Linda McCartney in 1976. –Ecorazzi.com

So much for cats despising water: Three cheetahs swam a moat and crawled through a hole in a rusty fence on Thursday to escape their enclosure at the Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand. “Our cheetahs, just like a domestic house cat, they all hate swimming, so if you had asked me yesterday would any of our cheetahs swim I would have said no,” the park’s chief Lynn Anderson told National Radio. “They proved us quite wrong.” –Chron.com

Thinking about training your new puppy to use a litter box? A list of advantages and disadvantages. –dog-training.suite101.com

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