These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Daizy, a dog who disappeared in the wake of Hurricane Ike last September, returned home to the Bauer family this month.–

Researchers at University of Rochester Medical Center have found that the same blue dye found in M&Ms and Gatorade can help cure spinal cord injuries when injected into rats. The only side effect? The rodents temporarily turned blue!–

Students from Utah State University who created Aggie Cats, a group that for five years has been trapping and neutering or spaying feral cats and then releasing them, hopes to take their successful population-control program statewide.–The Salt Lake Tribune

Thinking of taking a drive with your dog? Don’t let your pooch poke his head out the window. When driving just 35 mph, a 60-lb. unrestrained dog can cause an impact of 2,700 lbs.–New York Daily News

Chancellor Alistair Darling’s cat Sybil, the former chief mouser at 11 Downing St., died at the home of a family friend after a short illness. The cat moved into the government residence shortly after Prime Minister Gordon Brown took office in 2007. –Associated Press