These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A group of University of Utah workers won $1 million in the Idaho Powerball lottery after a little help from a furry friend. One of the workers, Steve Hughes, left his car running to keep his dog Stella warm, but found himself locked out after she pressed the manual lock. He then asked his girlfriend to purchase the lottery ticket in his stead while he worked on getting Stella to open the car’s doors. –Yahoo! News

After rescuing black Labrador Sweetness from the euthanasia list at Manhattan Animal Care and Control, Kristin Livan, who works for rescue group Unwanted NYC Pets, was treated to a surprise: Sweetness was pregnant. Despite a bout of pneumonia, the 3-year-old dog birthed a littler of eight healthy puppies. –Examiner.

Talk about a literal catwalk! A 4-year-old rescue cat was held in a model’s hands and escorted down the runway at the Tracy Reese fashion show, which was sponsored by Purina ONE. The cat, named Lily, was originally intended to walk down the runway herself, but proved too frightened to strut her stuff. –AP

Lolong, the world’s longest crocodile kept in captivity, has passed away in Bunawan, Philippines. The town announced plans to preserve its body and showcase it in a museum to keep tourists coming to the town. –AP