October 05, 2011 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Blake Lively has been spotted spending time at Ryan Reynolds’s Boston apartment, and the stars’ dogs, Penny and Baxter, have been keeping each other company, too. –New York Daily News

A bull name Strawberry fell into a drainage ditch in Chile because a manhole cover had been left off. He spent two days in the ditch before he was rescued. –Telegraph

A whale washed up on a New Jersey beach and died, having been shot near its blow hole. It wandered in the ocean for a month after being wounded, slowly starving to death. Officials are searching for the culprit. –AP

A cat named Jolie, who had been rescued after being thrown from a car in the U.K., had actually just given birth before the incident. Once she got well, animal rescue officers released her, then found that she was leading them to a barn where her litter was located. –Press Association

Though there isn’t any definitive evidence to prove it, Black Dog Syndrome seems to be a real phenomenon. Black cats and dogs are less prone to being adopted, so shelters are using tactics like better lighting and light accessories to improve photographs of black animals. –USATODAY.com

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