These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Devo is releasing a song later this month to remind voters of Mitt Romney’s treatment of his Irish setter, Seamus. “Don’t Roof Rack Me Bro! (Remember Seamus)” will be available as a digital download on Aug. 25, and in addition, Devo founder Gerald V. Casale will release a smartphone game called “The Crate Escape: Seamus Unleashed” the following day. –Vanity Fair

Three dogs were tied to railroad tracks in Cleveland by a man who was witnessed filming the scene. Two of the dogs were killed by passing trains, while the third was small enough to crouch down and survive. The culprit remains at large. –

Ten years after a horse was stolen off of her father’s property in Texas, Michelle Pool was reunited with her pet, Opie, after he was put up for sale on Craigslist and a prospective buyer became suspicious about his origins. The buyer, Deanna Bordelon, researched Opie online and discovered a listing for him on the website of Stolen Horses International. –Animal Tracks

Wal-Mart is getting into the high-end dog food business with the launch of their new “ultra premium” brand, Pure Balance. The line will be an expansion of their Ol’ Roy brand, which was named after one of founder Sam Walton’s hunting dogs. –Reuters

Known as the “Dog Caller,” a new collar for pets alerts owners to when their dog is becoming overheated by sending a text message to their phone. “We never ever under any circumstance want anyone leaving a dog in a car,” said creator Aaron Starkman, whose own dog almost died because of an overheating incident. “[But] if the collar does end up saving a dog in a car, we’ll obviously be thrilled in that result.” –