These stories are worth a click

January 10, 2011 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Step aside, Knut. There’s a new most popular animal in Germany. Her name is Heidi, she is a possum at the Leipzig Zoo … and she is cross-eyed. –SPIEGEL ONLINE

Thousands of dead turtle doves were found all over the Italian city of San Cesario recently, another in the string of mass animal deaths around the world. The dove deaths have been determined to be caused by “massive indigestion caused by overeating” of sunflower seeds. –Mail Online

At the height of the Nazi party’s rule in Germany, a Finnish man trained his dog to imitate Hitler. This made Nazis so angry that there were plans to retaliate against the dog’s owner. –AP

A bomb scare at the Newark airport turned out to be a dead dog in a box. The dog was brought onto a plane that was already in flight when officials discovered the dog had never been screened for explosives. –The Star-Ledger

The proprietor of a cat shelter that won $50,000 in a Pepsi Refresh contest is being accused by another shelter, also a Pepsi Refresh grant contestant, of hiring a third party to inflate the shelter’s vote count. The winning shelter denies any wrongdoing. –Chicago Tribune

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