These stories are worth a click


These stories are worth a click:

The writers of the blog and book, The Animal Review, give pandas an F grade. For one, they don’t mate that often, and they eat bamboo, which leaves them with little energy.–NPR

Tiger, a 19-year-old cat in the U.K., has mailmen trembling in fear! The feisty feline allegedly waits for the postal workers from behind the cat door and attacks when they approach. –

An assistant principal at a high school in Brooklyn, N.Y., was arrested and charged with starving and abandoning a French bulldog in a filthy apartment bathroom. The dog was found covered in excrement and emaciated. –

Artist Sean Kenney has created sculptures of 34 endangered animals for the Philadelphia Zoo … made of Lego bocks. A polar bear was constructed out of 95,000 Legos. –TreeHugger

Alaskan farmers have taken to making goat’s milk cheese, but regulations have kept them from getting permits to sell the products. Some farmers have resorted to “back-door operations” to sell their cheeses. –AP via Tulsa World