December 15, 2009 10:33 PM

These stories are worth a click:

In the aftermath of Amali the giraffe’s mysterious death, the Tulsa City Council will question Tulsa Zoo staff about the animal, who arrived at the zoo with a crooked neck and died during an X-ray procedure. –NewsChannel 8

Pink, who wrote a letter to Prince William protesting his fox hunting habit, received a written response after she called him “a redneck from the South.” –New York Daily News

A University of Missouri study shows that people who walk dogs get better, more consistent exercise than people who walk with other people. Some older members of the dog-walking group even stopped using their canes and walkers. –

Eskimo, a reindeer at the Edinburgh Zoo, received pioneering surgery to remove one of his testicles, which had developed a tumor. He was acting submissive and being bullied by the other reindeer, but he should be back to normal soon. –BBC News

A Canadian woman, who went for a walk with her three dogs, was found, her body frozen, but two of her German shepherds remained by her side. –Canadian Press via Google

In Corsica, herds of stray pigs and cows have been running rampant, so the island has hired “wolf lieutenants” to help round up the animals. –Wall Street Journal

Northern California’s Mendocino County is so dog-friendly, canine friends can hang out in the tasting room with a biscuit while their humans sip the vino. –

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