These stories are worth a click


These stories are worth a click:

New field notes on the lives of chimpanzees indicate that the apes have fully-equipped tool kits that include tools for sex. Chimp sex toys are leaves that make a sound when they tear, which males use to attract female partners. –New York Times

Beavers in Canada have constructed the world’s largest beaver dam, so large that it’s visible from space. They’ve been working on the dam since 1975, and it now measures 2,790 ft. long, twice as long as the Hoover Dam. –Mail Online

An administrator at a Utah senior rest home community, who has used dogs, goats and birds to work with her patients, also uses kangaroos as part of her therapy animal team. The current staff kangaroo, a baby named Theodore, lays in patients’ arms. –AOL News

Cancer risk is exceedingly high in purebred golden retrievers, and 60 percent of the dogs die from the disease. Researchers are trying to identify the genes that predispose purebred dogs to various health problems. –

A Florida family moving to North Carolina packed more than 20 of their cats into three wooden boxes, and some of the cats were close to heat exhaustion when authorities found them. The family has been charged with felony animal cruelty. –AP via Miami Herald