The Water Bowl: Cat Survives Trip to Trash Dump, Plus: A Fight over 5-Legged Dog?

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

The staff at the North Kent Transfer Station in Rockford, Mich., are trying to find the owner of a cat they believed survived a ride to the city dump and escaped from a pile of trash before it was compacted.–

John Strong, the freak show owner who was outbid by Allyson Siegel to purchase a 5-legged puppy from Calvin Owensby, says he had a deal to buy the pup for $3,000 and is hinting that he may go to court about it.–Newsday

The Humane Society of Missouri is having a tough time finding homes for many of the 400 pit bulls seized in the largest U.S. raid on dogfighters and they’ve put out an urgent call to rescue groups.–Associated Press

A 14-year-old Arizona boy saved family members and the family cat from his home when lightening set it on fire.–Arizona Republic

Animal activists fear that the upcoming Disney movie G-Force will prompt people to hastily get guinea pigs as pets and later give them up.–Associated Press

PETA released a new video that they say shows the abuse of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus elephants.–

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