These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A Massachusetts woman is grieving the loss of her 8-year-old cat Lady after a deadly mix-up at the veterinarian’s office last week. The cat was supposed to receive a routine flea bath, but was mistakenly euthanized after the woman’s son signed the wrong papers; she says she filed a complaint with the state attorney general’s office. –AP

Investigators say the man who jumped out of New York City’s Bronx Zoo’s monorail into a tiger den wanted to be “one with the tiger” and that it was not a suicide attempt. The day after a Siberian tiger mauled the 25-year-old Friday, he was charged with trespassing; most of the injuries he sustained were due to his 17-ft. fall into the exhibit. –

The man who tried to poison dogs in Boston with hot dogs soaked in antifreeze is due in court Monday. He was arrested Friday after a dog owner saw him leaving hot dogs outside a building while holding a bucket that seemed to contain antifreeze. –AP

For the not-so-fit Fido, owners can keep tabs on their dog’s physical activity using Tagg, a GPS-tracking-enabled collar clip-on also used as an alert system when pets leave their homes. Those who want to see how often their four-legged friends are moving their legs can view a pie chart of the dog’s activity during the day and over a long-term period. –ABC News

Playboy bunnies – a.k.a. Lower Keys marsh rabbits – are dying due to Florida’s rising sea level, according to a new study published in Global Change Biology. The medium-sized hare is named after Playboy publishing mogul Hugh Hefner. – Discovery News