The Water Bowl: Cat Dyed Pink to Match Owner's Hair; Plus, America's Most Dog-Friendly Town

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A bright-pink cat found wandering through a backyard garden in the U.K. has now been claimed by a 22-year-old woman who says she dyed the white cat with food coloring to match her own hair. –Telegraph

Dog Fancy’s annual competition for most dog-friendly city in America has concluded, and this year the title of DogTown USA goes to Provincetown, Mass. Apart from its dog-friendly spaces and services, canines are ingrained in the culture of this Cape Cod burg. –Los Angeles Times

Sheridan Smith, the star of Broadway’s Legally Blonde, is asking for help finding her dog, Enid. The black Shar-Pei was stolen, and the actress believes it is a repeat offense. –

A Bangladeshi wildlife conservationist who spends his days nursing injured animals once had a very different life. Sitesh Ranjan Deb was once a hunter, but changed his way of life when he was attacked by a bear and lost his eye. –AFP

A new database of canine DNA could help track and prosecute those who participate in dogfighting operations. DNA samples can show that dogs are related and bred to fight, which can be used as evidence against suspected breeders. –NPR

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