The Water Bowl: Can Baboons Read?

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

When presented with four-letter words or a nonsense combination of letters, baboons were able to tell the difference between what was real and what was fake, suggesting that the brain may see letters in the same way it sees parts of a car. “We have a new paradigm that needs to be explored,” said Jonathan Grainger, a cognitive psychologist at CNRS in France. –Discovery News

Two dinosaur eggs were found in Patagonia, near the remains of a bird-like dinosaur believed to be the ancestor of most modern-day birds. Researchers believe the eggs were still inside their mother when she passed away. –Huffington Post

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, a new exhibit at the Widener University Art Gallery in Chester, Pa., pays tribute to the 12 dogs and their owners who set sail on the ship. “There are hundreds of other aspects [of the sinking] that we need to give attention to,” said J. Joseph Edgette, curator of the exhibit. “Until recently, most scholarship has not covered the dogs.” –

Farmers and ranchers will now be required to obtain prescriptions from veterinarians before administering antibiotics to their animals. The new law aims to curb the number of human deaths that occur each year due to an overuse of such drugs. –New York Times

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles has found a new way to generate revenue – selling cat-crafted artwork. The shelter created notecards out of the work cats created when they chased toys across iPads; their movements were recorded via an app called Paint for Cats. –AP

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