The Water Bowl: Camel 'Crashes' Christmas Pageant! Plus, Nicole Richie Brings Elephant to Her Wedding

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A camel performing in a Christmas pageant at a church in Florida accidentally fell onto audience members sitting in the pews. No one was injured during the rehearsal, but the camel, Lula Bell, won’t be in any more shows. –AP

Did the bride ride an elephant down the aisle? Though its purpose at Nicole Richie’s wedding is unknown, the trained animal was spotted outside the home of Lionel Richie, where the weekend ceremony took place. –

American pet owners might be spending more on pet food and products than they do on their children’s toys. –Telegraph Blogs

After a five-year hiatus, New Jersey has staged its first bear hunt, during which 589 animals have been killed. The hunt was part of the state’s strategy to reduce its growing black bear population. –New York Daily News

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