These stories are worth a click:

By People Staff
Updated March 25, 2011 02:45 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Whenever the Cane family moves the furniture in their house around, their pig Boris bumps right into it. It’s because the pet has lost so much weight that his skin covers his eyes and prevents him from seeing. A local vet has agreed to perform a brow-lift so that the 500-lb. pig can get his vision back.–Portside Messenger

Specialists in Spain say they have discovered the first six-reversed French bulldog. A female Bulldog named Tana was born with the internal organs of a male. Experts says only 18 dogs have ever been reported with sex-reversal.–

Japan’s pets are still struggling to survive following the tsunami disaster. Many are fending for themselves, while others are trapped in evacuated areas where people have left. Click here to learn about ways you can help.–

A cat has survived being stuck in a shipping trailer that traveled for 16 days from the East Coast all the way to Portland, Ore. “For a cat to survive for that period of time with those extreme temperatures and no food or water is a testament to the will of survival of the cat,” said Heather Hines with the Indigo Rescue.–

Sean Mulcahy of Joliet, Ill., admits that he slit the throat of his brother’s cat in an alcohol-fueled rage when he found out his brother was having an affair with his fiancée. The 31-year-old killed the cat and then sent a text message to his brother with a photo. –Chicago Tribune