February 21, 2012 06:00 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Climate change is affecting birds – and their tendency to cheat on their partners. “Mating with multiple partners improves the chances that at least one chick will have the genes to cope with the variable conditions to come,” according to an evolutionary ecologist. –Scientific American

Former astronaut Mark Kelly has announced he is working on a new children’s book called Mousetronaut: A Partially True Story. “On my first space shuttle flight, we had 18 mice on board as experiments,” Kelly said. “And 17 of them, as soon as we got into zero gravity, stayed latched on to the side of the cage. But one of them seemed comfortable through the whole mission, like he was enjoying it.” –AP

The Edinburgh Zoo’s female panda Tian Tian’s urine and vaginal samples are being analyzed to check for the most opportune time for her to mate with male panda Yang Guang. Female pandas only express interest in mating three days out of the year. –Press Association

Parasites commonly found in domestic cats, dogs and other animals are entering the oceans, threatening marine species and people who use the oceans. Rising CO2 from fossil-fuel burning in the ocean is also killing off plant and animal species. –AFP

Former Nevada senator John Ensign resigned 10 months ago after a sex scandal, but has since found returned to work as a veterinarian at the 24-hour animal hospital he once owned. –CNN

A California man accused of killing and barbecuing his cats in his backyard made a plea deal and has been placed on probation. A neighbor called police about the 35-year-old man after she saw him skinning and cutting off a cat’s head in the driveway. –Bakersfield Now

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