August 24, 2010 03:07 AM

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A bear attacked and killed his 24-year-old caretaker, Brent Kandra, at an Ohio animal compound Friday while the animal was out of its cage for a feeding. The exotic animal farm’s owner, Sam Mazzola, has come under fire in the past for losing his license and being convicted of illegally selling and transporting animals.–AP

A paralyzed dog named Lucy, 4, who was left for dead on the streets of Puerto Rico several years ago, reached the top of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington with the owner who rescued her. The pooch, whose paralyzed hind legs were outfitted with a special walker, is the first special-needs dog to reach the 6,288-ft. summit, the highest in the Northeast.–USA Today

A shopkeeper in Manchester, England, defended his shop against three gunmen who entered his store by throwing cat food cans at them. The masked men, who also wielded a machete, fled as Mohammed Javed, 53, threw the cans and then ran into a waiting car.–Daily Mail

An Ohio dog named Sarge who survived being shot six times by his owner, will soon move into Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where many of Michael Vick’s dogs now live.–AP

Fiona Ann Enderby has been convicted of animal cruelty and fined $100 after Virginia police found a live goat stuffed into the trunk of her car in June. The animal, who was discovered during a search at an alcohol checkpoint, is now living at a Bedford County farm.–AP

A cat named Cally who went missing from her owner’s motor home near Michigan’s Whiskeytown National Recreation Area has returned after two months away. The feline was taken to the VCA Companion Animal Hospital by two campers earlier this month. “She didn’t look like a cat that had been left in the wilderness for a month,” a receptionist at the hospital said. “There are a lot of wild animals who would have loved to have her for lunch.”–

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