March 24, 2011 02:35 PM

These stories are worth a click:

A baby porpoise was rescued from a rice field nine days after a deadly tsunami hit Northern Japan. Pet-shop owner Ryo Taira, who has been rescuing animals abandoned following the disaster, discovered the small porpoise in a flooded field and along with some friends released it back into the sea.–Reuters

It’s been a sad week for Shiba the lioness, she had to say goodbye to her mate of 21 years, Juma. Senile and ailing, the lion was euthanized by zookeepers at the Pittsburgh Zoo but not before Shiba spent hours grooming him. In the weeks before his death, the lioness hardly left his side.–Daily Mail

The body of Knut the polar bear may be stuffed and put on exhibit at Berlin’s Natural History Museum. “It is true that our taxidermists are working on his corpse and have removed his fur,” a spokeswoman for the Natural History Museum said. –Bloomberg

Animal welfare groups are calling for a closure of the Kiev Zoo after a government audit found that 131 animals from the zoo were missing and about 250 died while Svitlana Berzina was zoo director. The audit also found that animals from the zoo were illegally sold and funds reserved for their care had disappeared.–Daily Mail

On Tuesday, a coyote on the runway briefly delayed flights at Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International airport, the busiest in the world. Airport officials chased the animal into a ravine with a vehicle.–

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