September 22, 2009 02:41 PM

These stories are worth a click:

After two people reported that they were bitten but not seriously injured by coyotes in California’s Griffith Park, animal authorities there dispatched U.S. Department of Agriculture wildlife services trappers, who trapped and lethally shot seven of the animals on Thursday and Sunday.–L.A. Times

A judge in New Jersey ordered former couple, Eric Dare and Doreen Houseman, to share custody of their pug Dexter, after a three-year battle with a $40,000 legal price tag. Originally, the dog had been awarded to Dare because he purchased the dog.–USA Today

An amazing cat named Smokey survived 13 shots with an air rifle to the head and is expected to recover. After the cruel act, the 9-year-old cat was able to make it home to his owner’s doorstep. Authorities are still searching for suspects in the attack.–Associated Press

Authorities in Forest, Miss., had to use a stun gun and handcuffs to restrain a emu that ran loose on Interstate 20 in Mississippi.–Associated Press

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