These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

How do you make an ape LOL? New research suggests that non-human primates prefer slapstick humor, such as watching someone slip on a banana peel. “There is some suggestion that apes ‘play practical jokes’ or laugh at another’s misfortune,” says University of Oxford evolutionary psychology professor Robin Dunbar. “But these are only casual observations.” –Discovery News

Hide your towels, hide your toys: There’s a real-life cat burglar in London. Known in the neighborhood as “Dennis the Menace,” the cat has swiped everything from a bath towel to a football (and even a pair of slippers!) over the past 18 months. His owner keeps two boxes filled with the stolen items so neighbors can reclaim them. –Daily Mail

Politics may be messy sometimes, but here’s some nonpartisan news from Capitol Hill: “I believe the state of our pets’ health is good,” said Dr. Amy Bowman, who was set to deliver an analysis Thursday about the 2012 State of Pet Health Report. –Politico

Meet Skinny the cat – just don’t let the name fool you. The 5-year-old orange tabby weighs in at 41 pounds, just 6 pounds shy of the largest cat on record. He’s looking for a forever home at Texas’s Richardson Animal Shelter. – Dallas Morning News