The Water Bowl: Ann Romney's Horse Rafalca Will Become Broodmare

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Rafalca, the Olympic horse co-owned by Ann Romney, will compete for one or two more years before possibly becoming a broodmare, according to rider Jan Ebeling. “Since she’s very sound, we’re going to probably see her for another year or two and there are some thoughts about breeding her. I think she’d make a very good broodmare,” he said. –New York Times

South Koreans are dining on dog meat, which they believe will increase their stamina and help then endure the country’s current heat wave. Meanwhile, animal activists have crammed themselves into cages to protest the eating of dogs. –AP

Elephants are toppling trees in their habitats at too quick a pace, with tree loss being six times higher in regions with elephant populations. Though the instinct to knock down trees is a natural one for elephants, the declining number of trees are endangering the other species that live in such areas. –Discovery News

Video researched conducted by the University of Georgia showed that when cats are let out of the home, they catch and kill other animals about a third of the time. “We found that about 30% of the sampled cats were successful in capturing and killing prey, and that those cats averaged about one kill for every 17 hours outdoors,” said the study’s lead author, Kerrie Anne Loyd. “We found that house cats will kill a wide variety of animals, including lizards, voles, chipmunks, birds, frogs, and small snakes.” –Detroit Free Press

In an effort to comfort a 16-year-old patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital who has been confined to her bed for more than a month while undergoing post-bone marrow transplant treatment, the hospital created a slideshow featuring 3,000 pet photos submitted on Facebook and purring sounds for the patient, who most misses her cat. –CNN

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