June 20, 2012 04:00 PM

These stories are worth a click:

A horse co-owned by Ann Romney has earned a berth on the United States Olympic dressage team. Named Rafalca, the horse’s owner Jan Ebeling is Romney’s longtime riding tutor, and both she and husband Mitt are expected to attend the opening of the Olympic Games. –New York Times

Veterinarians at the North Carolina Zoo are weighing whether to fit their male bull elephant, C’sar, with king-sized contacts to help correct his vision following cataract surgery. Though the technology for animal contacts has existed for some time, they have never been tested on an elephant. –AP

A warm winter and early spring have led to increase in homeless bee swarms in the New York City area, with Officer Anthony Planakis, the New York Police Department’s unofficial beekeeper-in-residence, tending to 31 swarms since mid-March – double what he handled last season. –New York Times

Andy Cohen was attacked by a bird while hosting the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. The surprise visitor flew into the studio during taping, grazed Cohen’s head and landed on a nearby fruit basket. –PEOPLE

A disabled woman was asked to leave an Ann Taylor store in Salt Lake, Utah, because of her guide dog. While the store claims the dog was not properly harnessed, the woman, Becky Andrews, says otherwise, and is simply seeking an apology. –KSL.com

Forty years after his father created Benji, Brandon Camp and veteran movie trainer Mark Forbes are launching a nationwide search to find the franchise’s next canine star. “Parents and grandparents will recognize the spirit of Benji,” Camp said. “He was always a mutt and will always be a mutt. He is the everydog.” –CBS News

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