March 28, 2012 04:00 PM

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Willie Nelson has agreed to bring two mistreated horses, named Whisper and Traveler, to his Texas ranch after they were taken away from a neglectful owner. The horses will be moved after being nursed back to health. –Summerville Patch

The American Veterinary Medical Association’s labeling of 6-year-old small dogs and 7-year-old large dogs as geriatric has shelter owners worried that older animals will now be less adoptable. “We find that most dogs become geriatric after age 12, and that at 12-ish they are like humans at 65,” said Judith Piper, founder and executive director of the rescue group Old Dog Haven. –AP

Confirming the American Kennel Club’s yearly ranking, a new map of popular dog breeds by state puts the Labrador retriever at No. 1. Labs earned the top slot in 42 out of 50 states. –Huffington Post

Experts warn that “dog-flipping” – the practice of re-selling dogs at a profit – could be on the rise. “I don’t think it’s right to be dishonest when you’re dealing with an animal,” says Amy Cannon, who gave away her dog’s litter when she was unable to care for them, only to later see a listing for their sale on Craigslist. –HLN TV

While working in Afghanistan in 2010, Kyle Huttenlocker helped rescue a local dog that had been run over by a motorist, and had him brought to the U.S. Though his parents couldn’t care for the dog, a local Indiana couple opened up their home him, and he and Huttenlocker were reunited five months later. –Asbury Park Press

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