These stories are worth a click:

By People Staff
Updated July 19, 2010 02:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Lufthansa airlines now makes it possible for household pets to get first class treatment when they travel. The new Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport “provides individual care, professional expertise and an environment designed to ensure ultimate comfort for 14,000 household pets and 1,500 horses and wild animals annually,” says the airline’s general manager Kai Peters. –Daily Mail

Thanks to a program that launched in November, 22 stray dogs that once roamed the ruins at Pompei in Italy now have forever homes. –New York Times

Feral cats who live on Japan’s Ogasawara Islands and prey on wild birds and other native animals are being shipped to Honshu for cat rehabilitation where they are learning to live as house pets. Damage to seabird breeding sites have been a problem since the mid-’90s. –

One thousand rabbits, hamsters and birds living in filthy conditions were rescued from a Houston area home on July 15. The animals were headed for pet stores, authorities say. –Dallas Morning News

The ashes of Frisky the cat, who was seen in more than 10,000 opening credits for the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street, are up for auction on July 22. The feline died in 2000 from stomach cancer and the cat’s owner hopes that the ashes will go to an “avid fan.” –BBC