July 30, 2012 04:00 PM

These stories are worth a click:

An 8-week-old kitten was found trapped in industrial glue on the floor of a Salem, Ore., parking garage. She was freed after being spotted by a local woman, who with the assistance of an animal shelter, the fire department and a hardware store, found a way to remove the glue from the kitten’s body. –KGW.com

An airboat captain in Everglades City, Fla., was arrested after he illegally fed an alligator, prompting the animal to bite off his hand at the wrist. Wallace Weatherhold was leading a family tour of the Everglades when he approached the 9-foot alligator, and was attacked. –News-Press.com

Tatu, a 5-year-old gorilla at the Prague Zoo, accidentally hung himself with a climbing rope. Mammals curator Pavel Brandl said the gorilla probably unbraided one of the ropes in the pavilion and put a strand around his neck, but because there were no cameras in the room, the circumstances surrounding the accident remain unclear. –Newsday

While the world’s best athletes face off in the Olympics, they wouldn’t fare so well against animal opponents. Human runners like Usain Bolt max out at a speed of 23 mph, while cheetahs can reach speeds of 64 mph. Swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps could also easily be beat by sailfish, who can swim as fast as 67 mph. –BusinessInsider.com

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