The Water Bowl: 54-Year-Old Donkey's Fountain of Youth? Guinness! Plus, Polar Bears on Ice

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Rosie, a 54-year-old (and possibly the world’s oldest) donkey (not pictured), drinks Guinness to stay young. “That is mixed in with her food, she’s not a boozer – she doesn’t drink it out of the corn scoop, but it’s a good job she doesn’t drink and drive,” says the animal’s guardian Lesley Manger. –

A 23-year-old Minnesota man, after drinking at a bar, broke into a barn and stabbed 29 pigs. All the animals had to be euthanized. –CBS News

The United Nations released a report that concludes much of the Earth’s animal and plant species are racing toward extinction, largely due to human effects. The loss of biodiversity means less available food and water, and threatens our livelihood. –AOL News

Ice dancing polar bears! It doesn’t get much cuter than a momma bear teaching her baby bear to explore the icy waters of Alaska. –Mail Online

Racehorse owners and trainers are using alternative therapies to help their delicate horses, including equine telepaths, acupuncturists, infrared devices and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. –New York Times

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