These stories are worth a click

By People Staff
Updated January 07, 2010 05:09 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Fifteen Chihuahuas awaiting adoption have arrived in New York from California aboard Virgin America airlines – and are getting the red-carpet treatment. –AP via YouTube

When friends Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips arrived to collect Casey Johnson’s dogs from Tila Tequila’s home Wednesday, Tequila called police and refused to give up the toy poodle and Yorkshire terrier, and told reporters she thought the women were going to put the dogs down. –New York Daily News

A zoologist at Atlanta’s Emory University has produced a study showing that dolphins are so intelligent that they should be considered “non-human persons.” Several studies indicate that dolphins are smarter than chimps. –Daily Mail

The San Francisco Bay’s iconic Pier 39 sea lions have mysteriously disappeared, causing concern about their whereabouts. One of the animals was found injured 93 miles away in Monterey Bay, and others may be in Oregon. –NBC Bay Area

Mice engineered to develop Alzheimer’s have performed better on memory tests after being exposed to cell-phone radiation. The results seem to show that the mice were protected by the radiation. –

Though most of the U.K.’s Knowsley Safari Park’s animal residents have been staying in their heated sheds during the freezing winter weather, baboons came out into the snow to feast on hot baked potatoes. –BBC News