These stories are worth a click

By People Staff
January 19, 2012 04:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Two Long Beach, Calif., women have been charged with more than 100 counts of animal cruelty after police discovered a U-Haul truck and minivan packed with 140 dogs and one cat. They had been moving their non-profit, Hearts for Hounds, from California to Virginia, and were arrested in Tennessee. –Long Beach Press-Telegram

A severed head found near the Hollywood sign was actually discovered by two dogs on a hike with their owners. “The dogs started playing with an object inside of a bag, and when the hikers looked, they realized it was a male’s head.” –

A tulip-shaped fossil discovered in 500-million-year-old rock is not a flower but an animal, and the bulbous part of its form functioned as its feeding system. –LiveScience

The final investigation report on the massacre of exotic animals on Terry Thompson’s Ohio farm indicates that Thompson may have premeditated the animals’ release, though the motive is still unknown. –Zanesville Times Recorder

How do the wealthiest 1% of animals live? Check out this handy visual. –


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