Sunny, a 1-year-old female Portuguese water dog, joins big brother Bo

By Kate Hogan
August 20, 2013 12:35 AM

The White House is going to the dogs!

The Obama family announced on Instagram Monday evening that they’ve added to the four-legged part of their family, welcoming a new pup, Sunny. The 1-year-old female was born in Michigan last June, and arrived at the White House today, according to Just like big brother Bo, she is a Portuguese water dog – a hypoallergenic breed that won’t trigger 15-year-old First Daughter Malia’s allergies.

“Sunny is the perfect little sister for Bo – full of energy and very affectionate – and the First Family picked her name because it fit her cheerful personality,” reads the website.

If Bo’s active social calendar is any indication, Sunny will likely join her family (and big bro) on official duties like visiting Walter Reed and the Children’s National Medical Center, and participating in the inspection of the family’s holiday decorations and at the annual Easter Egg Roll.

Bo joined the Obama family in 2009, and celebrated his fifth birthday in October. Just one month after that big milestone, President Obama alluded to the fact that he’d remain an only child – er, pup – telling his daughters in his post-election victory speech that “for now, one dog’s probably enough.” (Guess that wasn’t quite true!)

In honor of Sunny’s arrival, the Obama family is making a donation to the Washington Humane Society. We can’t wait to see more from the new First Pup!