The Internet Discovers Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Your Cat to Sit Exactly Where You Want

Finally, a way to outsmart your cat!

Cat in a box
Photo: Junku/Getty

Cats don’t do “sit” or “stay.” Cats have an abundance of freewill which often guides them to sit or stand on your keyboard while you work, with their butts a quarter inch from your face.

That said, the Internet hive mind may have finally cracked the feline penchant for plopping down in the least convenient spot. We all know cats love boxes — they offer protection, warmth and cardboard to gnaw on. Turns out, they love the “idea” of boxes too.

Several years ago, a few cat lovers found that when they made a square on the floor with tape, their cat could be found sitting in the box, like a magnet drawn to its partner, mere moments later.

Well, the world is rediscovering this phenomenon, sharing the results on Twitter, and it still works. The world over, kitties are falling for this easy and ingenious tape trap.

It all started with a simple Tweet from @prograsplady, whose mom found the trick on Pinterest and decided to try it out.

It all just snowballed from there. Watch as cat after cat gives in to the irresistible urge of THE SQUARE. Please note the expression of confusion on many of the cats’ faces, like they just awoke from a deep hypnosis.

Of course, these are cats that we’re talking about. Some fought the urge to follow their owner’s wishes and even seemed to be insulted that their human would insinuate they were that simple-minded.

May also work on dogs!

You won’t know if your cat can be summoned by the square until you try it at home.

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