The Dog Whisperer's Quick Tips For Little Dogs with Big Problems

Cesar Millan visits Today to offer advice on taming tiny pups

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Little dogs are totally lovable, but sometimes, they can have a complex about their size. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan stopped by the Today Show yesterday to help some staffers with the tiny terrors of their own. Here are a few of his tips:

Problem: People want to come touch little dogs because they’re cute, but this can make the dogs very nervous.
Solution: Come down to the dog’s level, give him or her a second, then extend your hand before petting. First, give relaxed energy, then loving energy. If you’re afraid, don’t try to pet a pup.

Problem: You have a territorial little dog.
Solution: Don’t pick him up, when he’s in trouble; that’s not solving the problem but nurturing it. (Think about it: With a big dog, you’d tell him no, but people don’t do that with small dogs because of their size.) Claim the toy, or whatever your pooch is fighting for, first by holding onto it by yourself, then give it to him, so he knows it’s not his, but rather a shared item.

Problem: Your little pup is antsy when you carry her in a purse.
Solution: Take your dog for a long walk before putting her in your bag; this will tire her out.

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