May 12, 2015 02:50 PM

Turns out dogs have way more in common with Gwyneth Paltrow than you thought: all they want is a harmonious life. Or at least that’s what dog trainer Cesar Millan, also known as “The Dog Whisperer,” says.

Millan told PEOPLE that one reason some pups bark incessantly is that they are living unstable lives.

“To a dog, not going outside everyday and fulfilling its own needs can make a dog go crazy. And go crazy is a way of barking,” Millan said.

Millan went on to explain that because dogs are migratory by nature, their indoor lifestyles are not normal. Yipping and yapping is a dog’s ways of protesting its confined lifestyle.

“Their goal in life is not to be famous, not to be wealthy, not to have material things. Their goal in life is to have a harmonious, balanced life.”

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Luckily, it’s never too late for any dog to return to their natural state.

“If you give her a harmonious, balanced life, she can only return to it. They never say no to balance,” he said.

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